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Crime/thriller author, Honey Brown's latest novel Dark Horse was released to rave reviews earlier in the year. Whilst this novel isn't a Christmas release, "she who is behind the website" advised me this book is really, really, really good. (siteadmin - it's better than good!)

I went on the hunt for some information about Honey, a fellow Gippslander, and stumbled across this article written in The Australian. It was incredibly inspirational and I would dearly love to actually meet Honey one day. It goes without saying, I have now bought Dark Horse to read myself! (siteadmin - you might want to leave the lights on dear Margareta - it's a scarey one :) )

She joins me now in the Christmas is Coming Series to answer some questions.


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My Latest Release

Dark Horse is a psychological thriller about a woman and her horse trapped on a mountain with a dangerous stranger. Sarah can't face Christmas Day, divorce and bankruptcy have dampened her festive spirit. She chooses instead to ride her black mare, Tansy, up into the Mortimer Ranges. A storm floods Spinners Creek, trapping her and Tansy on Devil Mountain. She retreats to Hangman's Hut to wait for rescue, only to be joined by mysterious, handsome "Heath". From the beginning his story doesn't ring true...the longer they are trapped, the foggier and murkier the situation becomes.

What was the idea/the revelation/the ‘kicking off point’/the impetus for writing this particular novel?  

I wanted to explore the dynamics between two people isolated and untrusting of one another, but also in a situation where they had to work together to survive. What lengths do they go to in order to hide their distrust? Do they end up growing closer? I also wanted to create a twist in the story by using the assumptions we often make about situations and characters. Not everything is always as it seems.    

What is your funniest ‘real life’ Christmas story?

I don't think I'm very good at telling funny stories, and perhaps not very good at remembering funny moments. As grim as that sounds! Perhaps the funniest Christmas things, in retrospect, were those Christmas when the children were young, and the presents took over our life and our lounge room. Gift-giving in overdrive. Consumerism in all its plastic, primary-coloured glory. I remember a visitor arriving and just standing and staring at the amount of toys set up in our living area, probably thinking of how a small Lego set would have sufficed.     

Best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

At the risk of sounding like The Grinch, I don't get excited about receiving presents. I tend not to remember them. I truly prefer getting nothing. Although, dark chocolate is always a winner. Probably in the same way a drinker always appreciates a bottle of quality plonk.  

Worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Christmas presents always miss the mark. I don't mind the bad ones, because then I can exit them from my life and the house without any guilt, instead of hanging onto them with the vague idea they might be worth keeping or useful. 

Best Christmas present you’ve ever bought for someone else?

The kids did seem to like all those toys...

This Christmas, who would be the best person to buy your novel for?

Someone who likes a page turner with some darker elements and touch of spice.  


A fellow Gippslander, Honey's books have caused quite a stir in crime / thriller reading circles. "Her behind the website" says that DARK HORSE is set in the glorious high country, with the horse of the title almost as big a character as the landscape, the weather, oh and the two humans at the centre of the story. It's dark, foreboding and twisty enough to keep you guessing. It's also beautiful and lyrical and almost made her lose her head enough and hunt out the riding boots. For a bit more about Dark Horse - there's a review at Newtown Review of Books or maybe the one at Bookd Out might tempt you.

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