SURRENDER TO SUMMER - Looking for a fabulous, value for money Christmas gift?

Surrender to SummerSome of you might remember a while back I mentioned I had some awesome news coming?

Let me reveal, a new book just for Christmas, ‘SURRENDER TO SUMMER’, with three best selling novels together in one huge omnibus! All 1200 pages of it. Pretty awesome, huh?! And don’t you just love the gorgeous girl on the cover doing her ‘Toyota ad jump for joy’?

When my publisher at Random House rang me a while back to ask if I’d mind if they included BELLA’S RUN in an omnibus they had planned for Christmas, my answer of course was, ‘Hell, no!’ Especially when I heard who was keeping me company in this amazing venture.

None other than the very talented Nicole Alexander ( with her fabulous Australian saga novel, THE BARKCUTTERS, along with Rachael Herron ( and her very sexy and sassy, ELIZA’S GIFT – the first in the Cypress Hollow series (and one of my all-time favourite books).

Talk about a girl bouncing down the road in the truck (I was carting cattle at the time). Those poor steers got rocked and rolled over to one of the family farms while the driver (moi!) was in la-la-land, dreaming of what the novel was going to look like, how lucky was I and what on earth it would be like to hold up a huge brick like that at the beach! Everyone’s going to get RSI, I decided, but my goodness it’d be worth it! I have to shamefully admit modesty kind of disappears for ten minutes or so after you receive calls like this. Someone wants to print your book – again! It’s like driving the LandCruiser on a warm day, window down, the scent of hay on the breeze, Lee Kernaghan or the Dixie Chicks blasting out the speakers and a chocolate covered ice-cream in your hand – Ahhh … the freedom, the love, the happiness.

And then you come crashing back to earth as the back of the truck hits the loading ramp and you realise you aren’t Jilly Cooper or Sophie Kinsella yet, and there is such a thing as cattle to be unloaded and sorted and drenched and … sigh.

So … if you happen to be looking for the gift to end all gifts this Christmas, go buy SURRENDER TO SUMMER. For the cost of one book, you’ll get three and it’ll look like you’ve spent a fortune!


Tell me what you’d do with a brick like this (after you’ve read it of course!) and you could win yourself a copy signed by me. The idea we love the best, will take home the prize. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • A door stop?
  • A tyre chock?
  • A 1200 page supply of emergency toilet paper?
  • A bumper for the cattle ramp when the truck driver’s not on the ball?

Enter by making your suggestions as comments over here on my website (we'll approve your submissions as they show up!)  Knowing you lot, this will be fun smiley


Something to protect the "rear-end" when you're bending over cleaning out the pigs water trough....

It would be used as a first chew toy for the baby wombat joeys as they begin to learn to grind their teeth down. Probably take a whole day to get through that one!

Hmmm, well I think that would be heavy enough to use as a press for some beautiful dried flowers! Go girls!

Wrap it in bright colored waterproof paper and use as a stool in the bathroom for the grand kids

Use it for cruise control in my roads of course!

Use it as an upright support to build another shelf at the top of my bookshelf

i'd create an army of paper airplanes and launch them at people who bore me to death in conversations

Use it as a book end, once I get it back off all the people who would borrow it.... One thing my Friends say, I have I knack of picking good books....
But I would have to make sure I had a few days off, I mean, I read Bella's Run in 24hrs....

I would store notes of money between the pages to hide it from my son so he can't nick it to buy treats at the general store. And after saving up a decent amount I'd go and spend it on more books & repeat the process! ;)

I would use it to shove in my gob instead of always putting my foot in my mouth

I would use it to keep my hen house door open so my beautiful ladies could free range all day in my backyard.

Share it with Mum and Gran just like I do with all of our other shared books :)

I would keep them to read again, as they are such good books I like to read them twice, keep up the good work, rural romance writers.

I would use it as a step stool to help me climb onto Motorbikes :-)

What I'd do with my copy of 'Surrender to Summer' is place onto my bookcase....not on a shelf with all my regular books but on my display shelf more as a feature, where I have all my special things relating to country. There are photos of Lee Kernaghan and other singers I love, statues and ornaments of cowboys and horses, this book would suit perfectly sitting there amongst the things I love most. Bella's Run was an absolute amazing story that I trully enjoyed and it triggered an unknown hunger for more country and outback novels. Would make a great topic of conversation too because I am so proud of what a fellow Gippslander has acheived simply by following her dreams.
Crikeys.....long way of saying I would display the book.

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