Book Tour Photos / ABC Statewide Drive

Sorry everybody - the book tour has started so I'm on the road again (queue singing...).

I will be posting some stuff about the wonderful launch night as soon as I can, but suffice to say, if you leave the kids in charge of the camera you are going to get a lot of photos of faces being pulled. Will have to sort through and see what I can find that's "publishable". It was a fabulous night, and I'm so very grateful and thrilled that so many of you lovely beautiful people came.

Before I forget too - today I'm being interviewed on ABC Statewide Drive (doing the interview this morning, will be played sometime this afternoon). Will shout if I find out a time that it's going to be played on air.



Right... Tour photos I can do. First Readers Emporium in Traralgon with Andrea, Mark, Jesse and Annabelle. Beautiful shop, lovely helpful, knowledgeable staff. Go there if you're in Traralgon.






Next up was a lovely time with the Paynesville Writers Group at Bairnsdale. This is a fabulous, active, busy, friendly group and it was a wonderful chance to catch up with them all.






Finally for this posting with Megan and Michelle at the Collins Bookshop in Bairnsdale.






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