BSP Alert... (Blatant Sister Promotion that is)

It’s a big day in the Osborn house. My poor father is having a fit - walking around in his gum boots, scratching his head, grabbing at his dairy farmer’s towelling hat as it goes to fall off his noggin. He’s still lost his pocket knife (from last week), can’t find his electric fence tester (shhhh I’ve got it wink), it’s been raining for days and he can’t get onto the paddocks to drill seed. But these aren’t what are causing him to be perplexed.

You see he has these two daughters. One (me) likes to put words into a book, the other (Kerry) likes to put words into a song. He’s never really understood either of us, this compulsion to seek things beyond the normal, especially in the realm of the arts. Although, I must say, it really is his fault. Granted, the old man hasn’t got a musical bone in his body (Kerry’s talent must’ve come from mum). He wishes he could sing and duly does after a shandy, much to the eternal regret of his kids and embarrassment of his grandkids.

But, in terms of WORDS - he’s a mean speech, proposal, and discussion paper writer. In his eyes, that’s work. It’s what you do when you’ve been / are involved in most agricultural and community boards, committees and groups around the district. And do you want a eulogy to end all eulogies? Ask my Dad. He does many a family proud with his eloquent farewells. He doesn’t necessarily like doing them, but rises to the occasion because that’s supporting family and friends in their time of need.

But these daughters of his?

He keeps getting fined at Rotary because one of us has done something worthy of him having to dig out his wallet and cough up some bucks. Like publishing novels, books that become best sellers. And it’s not that he minds supporting the eradication of polio (not polo like I first typed - he LIKES polo) and the other Rotary initiatives the fine money goes towards, but really these girls? Do they have to make such a big thing of it? Why can’t they just be normal daughters and maybe make him a sponge?

And this week we have both outdone ourselves to Dad’s way of thinking.

My rural novella A BUSH CHRISTMAS is one of four finalists in the Romance Writer’s of Australia ELLA award. (YAY! Very excited.)

But my sister, Kerry?  Oh man, has she done it good and proper.

She’s just been named a finalist in the Northern Territory Song of the Year Award for her beautiful country ballad, TAKE ME BACK. We are SO proud of her.

Dad’s not sure what to do with either daughter. Except scratch his head some more, go searching again for that illusive pocketknife and get ready to shell out more money. There’s another HUGE Rotary fine coming up

So here goes with the BSP - you can listen to my sister's amazing music and, if you're so inclined, have a little vote for her.

Head here:

Voting's a bit fiddly - scroll down, have a listen to TAKE ME BACK - you’ll see why we’re all so proud and excited for her. Mind you, have a listen to the others as well if you want... smiley

To vote, put your email address in the box at the top of the list, click the star beside the song that appeals... (go on, you know TAKE ME BACK is it :) ) and then scroll back up to the top of the page and click on the VOTE button off to the right there.

She'd love your support. And besides, it's a great song.

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