Christmas is Coming - spread the news

Christmas is Coming and you can win the presents.

To win the major prize, a $75.00 Booktopia Voucher you need to share, tweet or retweet your favourite author's posts - using the hashtag #bushchristmas so we can find you're entry!

To win any of the random book giveways or a Christmas Card signed by your favourite author - you need to add your comments to any of the posts that are still open (ie the giveaway hasn't ended).

So get entering everyone!

Week One (Bookgiveaways / Christmas Cards finished sorry)

Week Two (Don't miss your chance for the book giveaways and Christmas cards)

Week Three 

Week Four

Week Five

Week SIx

Week Seven


There's also a couple of late entrants we're working with at the moment so keep an eye out and don't forget - share, tweet or retweet any of the posts to go in the draw for that Booktopia Voucher.

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