Farmworld Winners & a chance to win a ROSE RIVER Pack for TWO!


Farmworld, Lardner Park is over for another year and I think I've nearly thawed out now. For two days it was so cold I had to trot out my thermals (yes including my faithful old long johns!). Snow was recorded in the hills on Thursday whilst Friday the rain did not let up, ensuring some poor exhibitors had very wet stands. Thank goodness we were in one of the big sheds so at least we weren't sodden. I was also very hopeful we were getting the deluge at home but alas when I finally made it back to Glenmaggie, not a drop of rain had fallen all day! Sheesh!

Over the weekend we were back to sunny blue skies, warm weather and short sleeves which in turn brought the crowds out in droves (nothing like the weather to keep us all guessing!). So many books were heading to their new homes, I ran out of ink in my signing pens and had to scrounge for more. It was an absolute delight to see all the 'we come back every year' readers and to hear the catch up news. I think this is what keeps me coming back to Farmworld now, the chance to catch up with all my old and new mates. I just love seeing all your smiling faces and passing the time of day.

Of course, this year, we had a very special "ROSE RIVER FARM WORLD PACK" that went to everyone who purchased a copy of my new novel, ROSE RIVER, over the four days. Along with their signed copy of ROSE RIVER, these lucky people also got a matching bookmark, a beautiful branded wine glass, some decadent chocolates and the chance to enter the draw for one of three book packs kindly donated by my publishers Random House, Australia.

We drew the winners of these book packs today and I'm delighted to let you know the following people will soon have three more books coming their way, to read after ROSE RIVER.
  1. Lorel Celedrine
  2. Pam Schembri, Bunyip
  3. Leeanne Evans, Yarragon

Congratulations ladies!


A number of my beautiful readers somehow seemed to have clocked onto the fact I love Arnott's TIM TAMS. I have no idea how (picture me looking up into the air and whistling... ). It's a treat I love to go with my cup of tea (stong white, one sugar!). I was so thrilled, surprised and delighted to be presented with numerous packets of TIM TAMS (I lost count at seven ...) whilst at Farmworld by some very generous people who obviously just knew I needed to keep my strength up so I could sign all those books. Gosh, I could've kissed and hugged every one of them because a TIM TAM was exactly what I needed. And not only did I get the orginal TIM TAM's, I got a variety of flavours - red velvet, chewy caramel, double choc coated, white chocolate ...

This got me to thinking, I wonder what everyone's favourite TIM TAM flavour is? And how do we keep these decadent little treats away from those greedy little fingers of kids, husbands, partners etc. so they can be our very own guilty little pleasure? Over on Facebook we've been having a bit of fun last night and this morning listing our favourite TIM TAM flavours, and one lucky commentor was the recipient of a signed copy of ROSE RIVER and a beautiful 'ROSE RIVER FARM WORLD PACK'.

Now it's your turn to win an extra special pack put together for you and your partner exclusive to my enewsletter subscribers!




Subscribers to my newsletter are currently vying for the opportunity to win a special Rose River pack including a signed copy of my new novel ROSE RIVER, a gorgeous bookmark with matching tassel, TWO beautiful branded His and Her's wine glasses, TWO lovely branded pens along with some decadent Cadbury chocolates.

Details on how to enter went out in last night's newsletter - make sure you're subscribed in the future to join in.






In the meantime, have a very happy and relaxing Easter break.

We were supposed to be escaping further up into the hills to camp out for a few days. Not sure if that's going to happen now as Mr 12 was out in the paddock with his Dad yesterday and came off his motorbike. Result? One slightly fractured right upper Tibia. He's couch bound for the next week and on crutches for a week or two after that. Our bush camping plans may need to compensate for the poor lad as I'm not sure a swag will quite cut it as comfortable sleeping gear. And of course it would have to happen only a few hours into the school holidays.

Looking on the bright side though as it could've been a whole lot worse, just ask his big brother! (broken wrist, leg, including the need for helicopter rides to Melbourne, specialist treatments ... the list goes on!) No wonder I spotted a grey hair the other day! 

I hope the Easter Bunny comes your way and you and your family and loved ones have a safe and very happy Easter break!

Warmest Happy Easter wishes,


Margareta xxx

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