Hope's Road Tour - Bright and Surrounds

Today, the stunning town of Bright was the destination.


On the road there I came across the bus shelter in the town of Everton which came complete with couch, lamp fitting, telephone and pouf. A very comfy stop to wait for for public transport. In fact, you'd almost be tempted just to stay put.



But onwards the roadshow went and the beautiful town of Bright appeared in front of my car bonnet.



After speaking to a very welcoming and lovely gathering of people at the Bright Library, the delightful Sarah of the Country Tales Bookstore suggested I take a quick drive to the nearby National Trust Classified Landscape town of Wandiligong. Seeing I didn't have to be in Wodonga until evening, I did just that.




Take a look at the Public Library. Isn't just the cutest thing? It was in excellent repair for it's age, and came complete with it's very own renovated thunder boxes out the back wink



I adored the way the post office was 'intermittently open'.


And the architecture of the Wandiligong school has to be seen with your own eyes to be believed. The most stunning looking building complete with it's very own turret (I was looking at it with my mouth open for so long, I forgot to take the damn photo of the turret surprise)



On the road again and heading towards Mudgegonga, and I found this gorgeous little old church which someone had turned into a 'worn-in' but cosy home.







I also noticed a lot of budding entrepreneurs across this district with many bags piled outside front gates, touting Good Sh*#!


The mailbox next door was also worthy of a pic. I so admire people who can be this creative.



I saw lots of weird looking little sheds, with little chimney pipes poking from a corrugated roof. It took me a few kilometres but suddenly I realised they might have been for hops (can somebody enlighten?)


(My father talks about growing hops in the old days around home.) And then low and behold, I came across some real life, dinky di hops gardens. I'd never seen hops before! Have you?







And then in Yackandanda I found this. I wonder if the taxi driver ever got confused and headed to the cemetery instead?

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