I just have to tell you I am really, really excited

The Mudgee Readers Festival is only three weeks away …

'Mudgee?' you say. 'Where's Mudgee?'

Those of you that know will, by now, be sitting with a hand under your chin, face cupped, a soft, dreamy look in your eyes, murmuring, 'Mmmm … Mudgee. The wine, the food, the decadence … Oh, Mudgee, I salute you.'

And those who are still looking quizzical shame on you! 

Located 260 or so kilometres west of Sydney, the catchphrase for this stunning part of the world is 'Mudgee - In every sense perfection.'  The tourist information site sums it up.

'When you drive into Mudgee it is a sight to behold with rolling hills, gorgeous mountains oozing with countryside peace and a warm fuzzy feeling.

Mudgee is also blessed with historic buildings so slip on your walking shoes, pick up a Historic Walking map and set out for a interesting walk around Mudgee’s historic buildings, Described by the National Trust as ‘one of the finest groups of townscape in a country area’

Mudgee has many activities and attractions for everyone, and offers a wealth of shopping experiences. Boutique shopping, cafes and restaurants, markets and a vibrant arts community give the town an edge.'

Cafes? Restaurants? SHOPPING? I can't wait. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Mudgee. And so, when I was approached to participate in the Mudgee Readers Festival (iconic in its own right), of course, I said yes, yes, YES!

The festival, to held on Saturday and Sunday August 18 & 19, was launched in July by Hon Justice Michael Kirby AC CMG and features authors Susan Duncan, Hannah Richell, Susan Johnson, Paul Ham, Lucy Neville, Sulari Gentill, Barry Maitland, Gail Jones, James Roy, Nigel Marsh, Leslie Cannold … and me!

So, if you live anywhere near this gorgeous place, buy a ticket to the festival. Come say hello and partake in the opportunity to listen to all these amazing authors. You’ll find me, representing the rural side of things, there too.

Now, I just have to work out which pair of cowgirl boots I need to pack. What a conundrum …


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